Yoohoo Can Candle, You Choose the Scent You Want in This Upcycled Yoohoo Can, Great Gift for Yoohoo Lovers ** Free Shipping **

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Yoohoo can candle. We have recycled/upcycled these Yoohoo cans to create an awesome candle to keep for yourself or give as a gift.

The lid is shrink wrapped onto the can. Once opened, the lids fits back on top of the can. We use upcycled/recycled cans. They may be dents, dings or scratches on them. We believe this adds character. Companies change their can graphics all the time with different promotions, so the picture we have listed may not be the can we have on hand. Please email use before purchase if this is a concern for you.

The soda "can"dles are 12 ounce container candles, that burn app. 80 to 90 hours.

If you don't find a scent you like in the drop down box. Select "Other" from the list and let us know in the comment section the scent you are wanting, from the 300 scents we carry.

Scents to choose from:

Cocoa Therapy - Cocoa...but not chocolate! This awakening scent is true to its powdery form.

Hot Chocolate - the aroma of warm hot chocolate with melted marshmallow topping.

Strawberry Milkshake - A combination of vine ripened strawberries combined with notes of juicy orange and peach nectar. Green leafy florals and vanilla add just a hint of sophistication to a childhood favorite...strawberry shake!

Vanilla is crisp and fresh, not buttery. Smells just like real vanilla extract.

Free shipping on all of our can candles!!