Strawberry Pie Candle, Dessert Candle, Highly Scented Realistic Bakery Candle, Wax Food

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Strawberry Pie Candle - Dessert Candle

This beautiful handmade, hand crafted Strawberry Pie candle, will leave you thinking someone has been baking sweet strawberry pie. When burning, the room will fill with a wonderful aroma of sweet strawberries.
Strawberry Pie Candle looks and smells like the real thing. Great to give as a gift, or just keep for yourself.
Each pie will vary a bit, as they are hand crafted. App 2 1/4 inches tall, from dollop to base.
4 inches in diameter, tapering down to 2 1/2 inches at the base of the crust.

The wicks are curled for appearance, will need to be straighten and cut to 1/4 inch when ready to burn. We shrink wrap all our pies, for shipping purposes. When you receive your pie, open from the bottom and peel away shrink wrap carefully, this will keep the pie intact.