Hot Cocoa Mug Cup Candle Highly Scented in Hot Chocolate 4 ounce Candle

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Hot Cocoa Mug Cup Candle 4 ounce

Snow dancing in the night air as it falls to cover the ground in a soft blanket of whiteness...the rush of cold air as you sled down a hill on a crisp winter morning...fingers and toes warming as you finish with the last ski run....These are all images that flood the imagination as our Cocoa Mug Candle releases it's warm and soothing scent. Just gazing upon the rich darkness topped with "mini marshmallows" will bring back floods of wonderful memories from one's childhood of sledding, and snowball fights, and snowman creations. Enjoy this candle any time of the year to transport yourself back to a more innocent time when two feet of snow meant no school and tons of fun!!

Poured in a 4 ounce clear mug, you are able to enjoy the rich color of hot cocoa from anywhere in the room. Fluffy white wax marshmallows top this beautiful creation to complete the visual journey back to Mom's kitchen when the rich scent of hot cocoa filling the house meant the end of an exciting day playing in a winter wonderland.