Ghost Candle Wax Tarts, Ghost Melts, Halloween Decoration, Fall Scented Candle Melts, Trick Or Treat Scent, Halloween Candle, 4 Ounce Bag

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These cute little spooky ghosts are perfect for Halloween. We paint the eyes and mouth on the ghost to allow their expression to pop.

Scented in trick-or-treat, they are sure to add the festive scent of Halloween to any room.

Trick-or-treat is a unique and fun, must have for Halloween and beyond! Tricks or treats fragrance begins with top notes of pumpkin, persimmon, and apple; followed by middle notes of blueberries, elderberries, currants, orange and cinnamon; and well rounded with base notes of sugar cane and vanilla.

This listings is for a 4 ounce cello bag, tied with a white ribbon.
Each bag has 10 ghost.

We use a parasoy custom blend wax. It is a combination of paraffin and soy wax, giving our candles the best of both worlds. Blending the two waxes gives the candle the best cold and hot scent throw.