All About Country Rich Creations!

Greetings from Tammi and Warren!

Like many other small businesses, Country Rich Creations started out over a desire for something that was not available.  We were looking for a specific candle scent, and could not find it anywhere.  So, being the adventurous types that we are, we set out to make our own.  After much reading, and trial-and-error, we were able to come up with exactly what we wanted, and began to share with friends and family.  One scent lead to another, multiple sizes were added, and we were off!  This, of course, motivated us to see if we had come up with something that would appeal to others, and so we launched our company.

The name comes from a phrase that Tammi used to tell her kids growing up, "We may never be money rich, but we will always be country rich!"  And remaining country rich has been our mantra ever since.  Our goal in developing our products has always been to provide a high quality item at a reasonable price.  This applies to our candles, tarts, upcycled glassware, and every other item we carry.  

Using upcycled beer bottles was an idea Tammi came up with when she was thinking of a unique Father's Day gift for Warren.  Every time he showed interest in something, he would end up buying it himself, leaving her to come up with something totally unique.  The first bottles were fairly rough and required tons of hand sanding, but over time, a system was developed that gives a very even cut, and our new sanding process results in a smooth, polished lip.  So smooth, in fact, that we decided to see if there was a market for upcycled drinking glasses.  Boy, was there!  Our upcycled beer bottle drinking glasses have become the top sellers for us, and keep us hopping.  We get requests for some of the strangest beers, and do our best to accommodate all requests.  We may not be able to come up with every idea, but we sure try!!

Coming up with new and exciting items in candles, tarts, and upcycled glassware is our goal.  We even surprise ourselves sometimes with what we can do.  New items are being added almost on a weekly basis, so check back often, sign up for our news letter, drop us a line.  We will answer any questions you may have, and for those of you who may have an idea for a new product, something you cannot find anywhere else, we ask that you challenge us and give us the opportunity to deliver that perfect gift or home decor item! 


From the two of us to all of you, thank you for visiting our shop.  We look forward to meeting your unique gift needs.